Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not a good blogger

Hi Folks and Lady E,

I know I haven’t been a good blogger. 

Maybe it is because I wasn’t ready when I let Lady Euphoria help me set it up.

Maybe I’m the type to need feedback and since she is my only follower and visitor since I started.  I do have a visit counter and I know it is true.

But I just haven’t felt like blogging much.  It kind of feels like I’m talking to myself.  And that just doesn’t feel right.

I’ve been thinking about closing the blog since Lady Euphoria wrote about blog maintenance back a few weeks ago.

But I’m going to give it another try or two.  I didn’t give up on fairies and so I got to see them.  And I’m not going to give up on blogging just because I didn’t get more visitors in the beginning. 

I believe.
I believe that some day someone will look and like what they see here.  They will comment or follow and I won’t feel like I’m talking to myself in the dark.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Been Busy

Hi Folks,

I thought that this blogging would be a good way to fill the time and as soon as I started it up I’ve been busier then I have been in a long time.

I didn’t blog for a while because I got a part time, temporary job.  It was nice for a change of pace, but I’m glad that it is over. 

As soon as I’m caught up with things around the house, I’ll be getting out again and making fairy houses again.

I hope to post again soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

First Post on Fairy Houses

Hi Folks,

I had a problem with my computer while trying to get some pretty pictures and links for my page.  I wasn’t as careful as I thought I was being and I let a virus in.  They had my computer for more then a week and now it is back as good as new.  I can finally show you some pictures of one of the fairy houses I just put up over the weekend.

This house is nothing fancy.  When I find a place to make one along a public trail I don’t spend too much time with it.  Other people walk by and wonder what you are up to.  I gather a few things laying around on the ground and arrange them to look more like a house for a fairy. 

I found a hole at the bottom of a tree and cleaned it out.  I put in two uprights and placed a bark roof over the hole.  I put more shorter legs into the ground and I made a bark table with two acorn bowls on it.  I made a bench the same way, only I added a back to it.  Some clean leaves for a bed back in the corner and a fence to keep critters out and I was done.

I usually only use things found around the spot I pick.  Nothing living is killed for use, or to move out of the way. 

When I do bring things to add they are only biodegradable.  For example, if I use pictures to decorate the house, they are made with vegetable dyes on non bleached paper.  I usually only bring shells, pebbles, and cotton or wool string with me into the woods.

This one didn’t last too long as a large dog came along after I was done with it as I was walking back to the car and he made a mess of my small creation.  I saw it all flying out behind the dog as he dug out that spot probably because I had just opened it up and the smells were fresh. 

Next time I go there I will make it again and hope it lasts longer.

I don’t have a problem with dogs walking in public places and doing dog like things.  All critters have a place in this world.  But I’m a cat person more then a dog person, thou I have neither at this time.

Most fairies like cats more then dogs.  Dogs like to rearrange the landscape more than cats do.  And cats hunt the critters that are a bother to fairies without bothering the fairies themselves.  Cats and Fairies have an understanding.

House fairies have learned to live with dogs.  Although you do know that when your dog barks at nothing at all, that a fairy just might be teasing your dog.

I will make more fairy houses as the weeks go by.  Until then here is a link to a fun web site Fairy Woodland about fairies.  There are fairy bedtime stories to listen to, as well as some things you can buy if you want to for making your own more permanent fairy houses.  I look at the things here for ideas I can use or just to have a story told to me like when a was a child again.  Even Fairies like to hear stories, but mostly they like stories about them.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How I Watch Fairies in the Woods:

I like to watch the fairies as they play in the woods behind my house.  It is quite a normal thing to see me coming and going, watching birds and wildlife, or just taking a walk.  They don’t think a thing about it any longer.

I don’t look at them directly.  That would frighten them away.  I watch from the corners of my eyes. 

When you look at something out in nature, you can still see what is going on around the tree, rock, flower or what ever you were looking at.

So, my eyes are looking at a tree, but I’m paying attention to the things moving around the tree‘s trunk.  The fairies feel safer this way and I still get to watch the fairies play.

Every so often a fairy gets bold and comes to sit by me.  I know this because I can feel the tickle on my skin or hear them whisper in my ear.  A fairies voice is not much different then a bug.  The main difference is their voices have a sound, much like the sound of a little jingle bell, mixed into their voices when they laugh.

If you are quiet, still and look like you are falling to sleep, you can look at them through your half closed eyes.  You mustn’t move your eyes too much or too fast and soon they with think you are asleep and start to play with your hair and try to tickle you.  Outdoor fairies like to tickle people and are fascinated with human hair.

I think that they like hair because it is longer than fur and stronger than spiders webs.  But that is just my humble opinion.  When I get a hair cut or clean out my hair brush I bring my hair out into the woods and leave it on the ground for the fairies to find and use. 

I do not know if house fairies like hair, and since my hair brush doesn’t get cleaned by my house fairies, I really don’t think they like hair much at all.  There are not as many house fairies as outdoor fairies so it is easier to find the outdoor kind to look at.

There is no one place that they like better than others.  Woodland fairies like the woods.  Garden fairies like to live in gardens.  Some like vegetables and others like the flowers best.  Ice fairies like the colder places to live.  City fairies like the cities and so on. 

They do not like to be caught.  A fairy that is not free will die.  So never catch a fairy and put it in a jar because it will die.  And if you do catch one by accident, please be sure to let it go as soon as you can.

A fairy will live almost forever if you are careful.  So watch for fairies where ever you are.  And once you get good at it you will see that there are fairies most everywhere.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello and Welcome

I am an old woman who lives in the woods. My only friends are the ladybugs, fireflies, and fairies that inhabit the woods around my house.

These friends of mine can be mischievous and silly, but I love them anyway.

Come and visit. I will show you the houses I make them and tell you the tales and adventures that they get into.